Sunday, July 11, 2010

May's Tablerunner

Hmmm ..something is wrong with the title of this post. I guess I'm a bit behind on my tablerunners. I am participating in Maria Peagler's Color of the Month and some months I have trouble finding the fabrics I need ...may was one of those months!!

Rather than driving myself crazy looking for fabric I decided to order the kit from Maria. Much easier, but I I'm supposed to be learning how to choose my own fabrics.

Ah well, that's what July is for :)

I had some puckering from my quilting ...not sure if I didn't smooth things out well enough before I pinned, or if I didn't pin enough. Possibly my stitch length ...or tension?? Good thing I realize that this is a learning process.


SheilaC said...

I do like that blue Pam.... and I am even further behind that you are!!!

Looks great!

Sherry Hogan said...

I love all your color choices better than mine, It is still beautiful!

traceyjay said...

I love the chubby dresdens!