Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time For A Move ....

Last year I said I was going to start sewing again. It never happened. So the other day I tried to figure out why. Ohh I came up with lots of excuses ...none were very good though! One thing I did realize was that I didn't like the location of my sewing room. It was upstairs and I really wanted it on the first floor. Sooo ....

I spent today moving my sewing room downstairs!!! It isn't all set up yet but it's looking pretty darn good.

I've also joined One Project A Month. This is a group of 200 women sharing what they complete each month. Not only do I think it will help me set some goals but I think it will be very inspiring to see what others are doing. Thank you Kris and Peg!!

I better get back to my organizing so I can sew this week.

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