Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Update ...

My geese are all sewn together and don't look as bad as I thought they would ...yippee!! Tomorrow I plan to get it ready for quilting so hopefully I'll have my first OPAM of the month later next week. And my first quilt in 2 years!!!

While I was looking through my stash for fabrics for this months color workshop, I realized that it is very dated. Hmm ..does this mean I should go out and buy more fabrics?? I don't want to ...I really want to try and use what I have but last night at the fabric store I was second guessing myself ...and guess what I did?? Yup I bought more fabrics!! Oh well month I'll use what I have on hand :)
I started the pillow that I am knitting and am in love with it!! I cannot believe how easy it is to knit cables. The yarn I am using is from Knitpics and is Wool of the Andes ...I adore it. Since I've started knitting with natural fibers my stitches look much neater and I'm getting closer to getting the correct gauge.

What a fun week this was ...I enjoy spending a little time each day sewing or knitting. No pressure, I just do what I want. Life is good ...very good.

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SheilaC said...

Pam, your knitting is beautiful, Is it a future sweater?